Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How to View Private Facebook profiles 2010

Well its a new year and that means time for new hacks and ways to view private facebook profiles. Well the first thing you need to know is that facebook has stepped up security so your gonna have to get very tricky. Well first off the newest way on how to view private facebook profiles is the facebook share feature. This feature allows users on facebook to share a website or video or anything on the web they like with all their friends. And just this sharing has opened up a huge loophole that facebook has yet to patch up. This works because the founders of this code collaberated with Canadian computer expert and hacker Byron Ng (the infamous hacker who exposed private pictures he hacked from Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan's profiles.) So head on over to this site and learn how to view private facebook profiles from the professional hackers and see those private comments, picture albums and all the dirt people are trying to hide from you.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

How to View Private Facebook Profiles

Well learning to How to View Private Facebook Profiles is something that everyone is scouring the web for. And that is what I'm going to teach you how to do in this post. There is many ways you can do this by using a URL crack which is a loop hole found in Facebook's security. Or by using a 3rd party website that has built software to crack private profiles. Or you can go sly and create a fake profile or use a key logger to steal some one's password and then view their profile from the inside out. I will start with URL crack's these I don't personally like because unless your one of the first to find the code on the web usually with in 24 to 48 hrs your not going to have any luck. This is because once the code has been released by the coder it blows up on the web on blogs, forums and instant messengers. This allows facebook development team to find the code and patch up the hole very quickly. So if your lucky enough to find one of these URL codes that works keeping it to yourself might be the best bet because as soon as its public on the web it will get fixed sooner or later. The second way to learn how to view private facebook profiles is to use a 3rd party website that has developed software to view private profiles. These sites have their own URL codes and cracks behind the scenes. And since they don't release them to the public they are able to intergrate them into a piece of software that allows them to show a user a private facebook profile after following a few short steps required for the software to work. These sites don't realease their codes because this way facebook never finds the code they are using to exploit the system and can continue to offer this hack to its users for longer periods of time. The worst part about these sites like and is they require you to click through an advertisement to keep the expensive costs of their servers down. Both of those have currently worked for me as of Jan 2010. The last method I suggest is to either steal the users password or get them to add you as a friend. Getting the user to add you as a friend is actually fairly easy. What I do is create a profile with a fairly attractive female and then add some of the users friends to my list. This creates a sense of "hey do I know this person because they know so and so?" They are very likely to add you if they think you are friends with their friends. Lastly you can download a key logger on your computer and get the user to log into their acct. Then later you can check all the keys the key logger recorded and use their password to view their profile from the inside out.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Facebook Security Hack Found

Recently as of December 13th, 2009 a team of developers has found a new loop hole in Facebook's private profile security. This loop hole works through the Facebook share feature. Once a user submits something using the Facebook share feature the URL of anothers private Facebook Profile can be changed just right so it can be viewed by all, friend or not. The development team made an executive decision not to release this code to the public like others have done in the past. Allowing users to post it all over the web in forums and blogs where Facebook's developers can find the code and patch up the hole quickly. They have also implemented this code with the Facebook Private Profile Viewer website to work automatically so any user can do this with no knowledge of URL's or coding. First the user must be logged into their Facebook account so they can share their site. It is required that you share their site for this to work. They did this to receive free publicity for their site so all their users can easily find it on the web. 3rd you must fill out an advertisers offer to win a free prize to keep the site free. I have personally checked out these adds and they are giving away free ipods and laptops so hey maybe you will be the lucky winner. And after you fill out the survey put the last word at the bottom of the page into the key word box and then you will be granted access to all the private profiles your heart desires!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

How to View Private Twitter Profiles, Feeds, Tweets

Hey Guys I know its been a while but I recently have been on the twitter bang wagon and its a lot of fun. And with any new social network comes people making their accts. private. And with twitter people have the option to make their tweets private basically only allowing their accepted friends to see their profile and their twitter feed. Well I have found a site that allows you to view private twitter profiles. This site is called the Twitter Private Profile Viewer. This site works by being logged on to your twitter account. Then posting both yours and the twitter profile's url that you wish to see in the box. Then you must fill out a quick survey on the site they request wich is fast and only takes about three minuets. Get the very last word at the bottom of the second page and enter it in the key word box. Then just click show me the private profile and your in. The reason this site makes you click through an add is because the developers are trying to keep this expensive software free to the public and not have to charge for its use. I will post a video on how to use this site below.

Twitter Private Profile Viewer

Buy Targeted Twitter Followers

Total Blog Directory

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Myspace/Facebook Private Profile Tracker

Hey guys I know it has been a while since I posted but I recently found something that will make all of you very happy. Its called the myspace profile tracker this site actually shows you up to the last 5 people who tried to view or access your myspace profile. This site will show you 5 people per day and can be used once every 24 hrs. The screen shot on the left is the home page of the web site. How it works is you have to click through an add and submit your email address I found no problems from it its not a scam. The developers spent a lot of time developing this application so they want to make a small amount back by making us click through an add to make it work fine by me. Second you put the 2nd to last work which is at the very bottom of the add after you submit through in the first box. Then last your put your myspace url in the box and choose how many profiles you want to see and click the button and your golden. It showed me the last 5 profiles that attempted to view my profile and it was

quite a shock because this girl viewed my profile 3 times.
Interesting.... I will also show you a screen shot of what is looks like when they show you those profiles they are links that you click and it takes you to their profile.

myspace profile tracker

Facebook profile tracker

Friday, April 24, 2009

How to View some ones Private myspace and Facebook Profiles

In this article we are going to help you see directly what the person is doing on their private Facebook or Myspace profile. In my other articles I have show you that you can use a url unlock code and a key logger if you have direct access to the computer they are using. But what if you don't have direct access to the computer they are using? Simple you can use a software called Sniper Spy. This sophisticated software allows you to watch the computer it is installed on like a remote TV. This software installs simply over the internet and lets you watch the screen and all the users actions live via their website. So remeber there are also free ways to view private Facebook profiles via Facebook private profile viewer

Friday, April 3, 2009

The easiest way to see a Private Facebook Profile

The easiest way I have found yet after countless hours of scouring the web to see a private Facebook or Myspace Private Profile would be to use a website which has developed a software to show you the private profile. The first on this list is 1. second on the list is 2. and third is 3. View Private Facebook Profiles. Now these three sites all work the same way, follow he instructions of the website which requires you to be logged into your Facebook account and requires you to enter to win a contest which from understanding helps to keep the websites free from charge like many of the others that charge and do not even work. I have also included a how to youtube video which shows you how to use these websites.

Facebook Private Profile Viewer

Myspace Private Profile Viewer

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